Artist Bio

Tanya Grosshans is a small town artist from Aurora Nebraska. She is a wife, and mother to four, wonderful children. She uses acrylic in most of her creations on canvas, finding inspiration from Midwest landscapes and farmsteads she’s known since childhood. Old buildings, windmills, and cattle often find their way into her artwork, though she’s willing to branch out into just about any subject her clients request.

Tanya has always wanted to find a way to continue her passion for painting. Even in elementary school, art class was the highlight of her day. After finishing high school, getting married and starting a family, her artistry was put on hold, though she still found ways to express her creativity throughout her home and in gifts she made for friends and family. Now that her children are all in school, she can devote more time to her art. Her pieces are often displayed at a local boutique, and exhibited at local events. Many of her paintings are commissioned privately, and she enjoys the challenge of personalizing every piece.

Tanya views each day as a blessing from God. She is thankful for every moment, either with her family or in her home studio. She gives all credit to her Creator for “He has made everything beautiful in its own time.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

You can also find her on her on Facebook at The Country Canvas and on Instagram as tanyajo_art